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There are times in your life when you’ll need the assistance of an attorney. It’s true whether you’re in Sumner, WA or any of the surrounding communities. Perhaps you’ve committed a felony or misdemeanor and need a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Maybe you were caught driving drunk and need a lawyer to handle your DUI defense. It could be that you were injured because of another person’s negligence, and so you need a personal injury lawyer to help you receive justice. Or, perhaps you simply need a lawyer for wills and trusts to help you make sure your wishes are upheld after your passing. 



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Scott Terry
Legal representation in a personal injury, criminal, or estate case.

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Estate law addresses how an individual’s personal property is handled during and after their lifetime. Probate is the process where a will is proven in court as a
valid document. 

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With an experienced criminal defense attorney like him by your side, you can remain confident knowing he will do his best to obtain the best possible result for your situation. 


Motor vehicle accidents are very serious and often cause irreversible damage. If you’ve recently been in a car accident due to a negligent driver, get in touch with an auto accident law firm as soon as possible.

Contact the Terry Law Firm when you need quality representation. Attorney Terry is a lawyer experienced with personal injury, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and more. His services are available throughout King County and Pierce County, including: 

  • Sumner, WA
  • Puyallup, WA  
  • Bonnie Lake, WA  
  • Lake Tapps, WA  
  • Orting, WA  
  • +All neighboring communities 

As a personal injury lawyer, Attorney Terry will fight aggressively to help you get the compensation you deserve. He works tirelessly to help you achieve excellent results. Please consider calling him today to receive your free initial consultation. 

Representation you can trust!

Motorcycle accidents lead to severe damages and injuries. Motorcyclists have less protection than a passenger in a motor vehicle, placing you at a higher risk.

An accident with a tractor trailer can result in long-lasting consequences. If you have suffered serious injuries from getting hit by a tractor trailer, call a lawyer.

Have you recently been injured while on someone else’s property? If so, you should hire a premises liability attorney now. You can seek out damages to compensate for your suffering and medical bills.

Just like any other vehicle, a boat requires great care when operating. Oftentimes, negligent drivers cause accidents which result in serious injuries for both parties.

Do you wish to assist the loved ones around you even after you have passed? If so, you should prepare a will or trust. A will can be daunting to think about, especially since it holds so much weight.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorney Is Ready To Help You With Your Case

Being accused of a criminal offense is a terrifying prospect. You may be facing massive fines and years in jail. Additionally, being convicted leaves a mark on your criminal record, making it difficult to function in society even after your punishment has been served. Getting a criminal defense attorney is often your best option in order to protect yourself from these consequences. 

Attorney Terry has been defending cases for more than 30 years. His extensive knowledge of the legal system allows him to craft defenses that are perfectly suited for the situation at hand. His aggressive representation can help you avoid serious consequences and provide you with the opportunity to continue living your life. Whether you need a lawyer for personal injury or criminal defense, Attorney Terry is available to help. Call for your free initial consultation today. 

In addition to criminal defense cases, Attorney Terry can assist with DUIs. Oftentimes, individuals don’t consider hiring a lawyer when they receive a DUI. However, finding a lawyer qualified for DUI defense is often beneficial, especially when: 

  • You drive professionally, and as such may have your license and job at risk. 
  • This isn’t your first DUI charge. 
  • Someone was injured or killed because of the DUI. 
  • You believe that your BAC wasn’t over the legal limit. 

Attorney Terry is more than simply a criminal defense or personal injury lawyer; he can also provide an excellent DUI defense. He may be able to argue for reduced charges for your case or get them dismissed entirely. Additionally, he will take stock of the situation to craft a powerful defense for your situation. When you need a lawyer that you can trust in Sumner, WA and the surrounding areas, call the Terry Law Firm. 

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Scott Terry

Legal representation in a personal injury, criminal, or estate case.

Representation you can trust!
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What Is the Difference Between a Lawyer for Wills and Trusts?

Wills and trusts are very similar documents and serve many of the same functions, in that both of them determine who your property goes to. However, there are a couple of key differences between the two. The most obvious of these is when the documents go into effect—a will goes into effect only after your passing, while a trust goes into effect the moment it’s signed. Additionally, while trusts don’t have to go through probate, there are certain things—such as determining the guardianship of minors—that can only be done through a will. Call Attorney Terry when you need a lawyer for wills and trusts. He can help you determine which option is best for your situation and guide you through the drafting process. Whether you need an experienced lawyer for wills and trusts, a personal injury lawyer, or something else in Sumner, WA, Attorney Terry can provide assistance. Call to schedule your free initial consultation today.
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