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Personal Injury Claims in Washington

Suffering an injury in an accident or due to negligence can be a frightening situation. How will you work? How will you pay your bills and support your family? Personal injury law covers a wide range of accidents, and the level of your injury can make a big difference in how your claim will be pursued.

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Understanding Insurance Bad Faith Tactics

Insurance providers in Washington and across the United States are expected to investigate injury claims thoroughly, negotiate with plaintiffs, and settle claims in good faith. Surprisingly, not all insurance carriers comply with these rules.

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Misconceptions about Car Accident Claims in Washington

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the law in Washington, especially as it relates to car accidents and car accident claims. Even if those opinions are expressed by someone who has been in a car wreck, that does not necessarily mean they have all the facts.

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The Importance of Medical Attention After a Car Accident

In the moments and hours after a car accident, the people involved have important steps to take. The most important thing to address after a car accident is your health.

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When Do I Need a Motorcycle Attorney?

Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Get Assistance from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Sumner, WA and the Surrounding Areas. Motorcycle accidents lead to severe damages and injuries. Motorcyclists have less protection than a passenger in a motor vehicle, placing you at a higher risk.

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Facts About Truck Accidents

Do You Need a Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney Near Sumner, WA or the Surrounding Areas? An accident with a tractor-trailer can result in long-lasting consequences. If you have suffered serious injuries from getting hit by a tractor-trailer, call a lawyer.

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